Go sustainable

Your consumers are calling for eco-friendly changes. By using ECOPAC's packaging materials and expertise, you can take significant steps towards reducing your brand's carbon footprint and transitioning to a circular economy.

Here are some simple ways to transform your brand today:

Switch to our durable packaging board and papers that are strong yet lightweight. This will allow you to use thinner and lighter packaging, even for heavy-duty purposes, reducing costs without compromising performance. Additionally, it will lower your carbon footprint by making transportation and logistics more efficient through reduced weight and air space used.

Reduce Packaging

Plastic is not biodegradable and can take hundreds of years to decompose, making it hard to manage and reuse. Additionally, different types of plastic have varying chemical compositions, making it challenging to recycle them together. The presence of food contaminants and the need for complex sorting processes also add to the difficulty of recycling plastic. Paper fiber is a sturdy, clean, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable alternative. Pollution, and natural resources depletion has change multiple cities laws and regulation in favour of eco-friendly materials. Allow us to assist your brand today.

Switch to Paper

We offer FSC and PEFC certified materials. We obtain our wood from sustainably managed forests and assist forest owners in obtaining certification through our group certificates. Join us to increase our annual CO2 displacement.

Take Part in a Sustainable Chain

Check out how paper stands up to its counterpart

Other eco-friendly materials to consider

Plant-based products


paper strength and simplicity is due to minimal chemical additives during production


 fibrous pulp material leftover from crushed sugarcane juice extractions


stands for PolyLactic Acid and Crystallized PolyLactic Acid. Believe it or not, this plastic feeling material is made of plant sugars


you know... that fast growing plant