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Our Mission

Use Sustainable Disposables

  While food packaging is crucial in maintaining freshness and cleanliness, it is meant to be thrown away after use. Our intention is to use biodegradable, compostable, plant by-products to facilitate quick breakdown back to its natural elements, and thus, allow the cycle to restart - renewable resource.
  Our goal is to use sustainable and renewable resources to minimize environmental impact, whether during production or after use. Our focus is to be compostable, and if not, recyclable. The challenged with recyclable materials is that it requires to be rinsed, as leftover food and residue are containments in the recycling process and it would ruin pounds of otherwise clean material. Throwing away compostable containers with food scraps into one bin is streamlined, which makes it practical and ideal.

Look out for our BPI, Biodegradable Product Institute, Certified products.